The best times of year to plant your candle dusters and thank you cards outside are between Spring or Autumn. Choose a container that has good drainage.  For initial planting indoors you can use our candle boxes (although they are made from thin recycled card and will only take a certain amount of water, so not recommended for long term use) Another suggestion is to use our hessian gift bags the material allows for drainage whilst giving a strong and durable vessel for your plant and can be used inside and out. 

Make sure you tear up and soak your seed paper and plant approximately 1 cm below the surface of the soil. Keep the soil moist but do not over water and you will have an array of beautiful British wildflowers that will be a credit to any garden and a haven for bees and insects.

Note, it may take several weeks to see any shoots coming through and weather, temperature, moisture and light must be ideal for germination to occur. All paper has been embedded in live British wildflower seeds and they have been tested by me and by my British manufacturer many times.

Click the link to watch a video on how to plant your seeded paper

Below is a step by step guide:

Step 1

Tear up the paper into smaller chunks, soak them well in water for half a minute.

Step 2

Plant the soaked paper under a very thin layer of soil, water them each day to keep moist but do not over water them. Place in the sunniest, warmest place in your house.

Step 3

Once you see some shoots, allow them to get stronger before planting outside in Spring or Autumn. Germination could take up to a few weeks.

Hopefully this guide will enable you to grow a beautiful array of flowers to brighten up any sanctuary and give a little happiness to you and the bees and insects out there.