Welcome to All Said & Done.  My love of candles and the peace and joy they bring, sparked an interest of making candles for family and friends. What started as an interest, has developed into a business that brings a little luxury and calm into my customers day.

The business name literally describes our set up. Bringing products to you that you may associate with things that you do when All is Said and Done. Whether that be the end of the working day, a project you've just finished, a milestone you've reached or a memory you want to commemorate.  We want to provide you with the products to help you unwind at the end of that journey. We all have times in our lives when we need to press reset, sometimes a single day can warrant a 'zone out' moment, and sometimes a series of events call cause for giving a little time to ourselves. You may want to gift that moment to someone special, we are now more aware than ever that our mental health is as important to our survival as our physical health. So we hope to enable those little moments in your day, taking pleasure in its simplicity and quietness.

So why not start with one of our candles or wax melts and we hope to bring you more treats and products in the future to bring a soothing, calming antidote when 'All is Said & Done'.